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I'm so excited to launch the Katie & Co. website this year. 2019 was an INSANE year in Real Estate for me. What started as a hobby 8 years ago has developed into a successful a lucrative career. Last year I launched Katie & Co.- Real Estate was going great, too great, and I needed HELP- fast. I wanted to continue to grow my business but I didn't want to sacrifice anymore personal time, family time (oh hi Nathan), or quality service to my clients. I decided that the only way to keep growing was to bring on some talented agents that shared a similar vision as me.

What is that vision? It varies a little bit on a daily basis. Some days it's pouring my heart and soul into helping first time home buyers achieve their dream of home ownership. Some days it's helping sellers let go of memories so they can make new ones. Sometimes I have the exciting opportunity to play the game of real estate investment. But the one thing that doesn't change is helping people achieve their goals. Andrea and Antonio share that vision and with their addition, we have created a superstar team here for all of your needs- YOUR Real Estate Team.

So thank you! Thank you to our past clients for helping us get here. Thank you to our future clients for helping us get where we want to go. And thank you to our friends and family for joining us on the ride. Here's to 2020- bring it on!

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